Welcome to Gribskov Gymnasium

Gribskov Gymnasium is a Danish upper secondary school with approximately 650 students between 16 and 19 years of age.

We are situated in Helsinge in the scenic woodland area of Northern Zealand, a mere 40 kilometres from Copenhagen. The students primarily come from Gribskov municipality.

In 2004 the local authorities selected Gribskov Gymnasium for a substantial extension, and today the school is renowned for its moderne science laboratories, its unique facilities for Art and Music and its outstanding theatre premises. The school provides excellent study facilities for group and project work, and the study centre employs a professional librarian.

The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities ranging from sports and boardgaming to more academic activities and pursuits.

The social science teachers organize meetings and debates with local and national politicians are of particular interest. In connection with the US presidential elections, the students followed the TV-transmitted results closely on Election Night on a wide sreen set up in the assembly hall.

Our website is predominantly in Danish but we are always on the lookout for exciting possibilities of new international contacts, so if you would like to know more of us, please contact our head of international affairs, Trine Nybroe, at tny@gribskovgymnasium.dk